so after spending a lot of time at the pool this weekend, and being a good girl and slapping on a ton of spf 30 sunblock throughout the day, i didn’t get overly burned.

however, it is wise to remember that lip balm WITHOUT spf is like putting crisco on your lips.  and when you put crisco on your lips while hanging out in the sun for 2 days straight, you end with lips that look like angelina jolie


okay, this post is going to be all over the place and probably make little to no sense at all. but today, that’s okay, because i have to get it out of my head before i blow up!

why is it the harder one tries to do what’s right, the more that person gets fucked? seriously! i feel like we keep bending over and taking it roughly up the ass while others are able to skate by and get whatever they want, are able to do whatever they want at other people’s expense

::stomping foot like a 2 year old::


::breathe in, breathe out::
::breathe in, breathe out::
::breathe in, breathe out::

phew — that helped even if only a little

before pic (although hair was a bit longer)


the hair has officially been shorn for the hot summer months :)

i was doing this

to my dear husband —

i love you more and more every.single.day!  as cliche as that sounds, it is the honest truth. we have been through a lot together and i so look forward to spending the rest of my days with you.  you make every day brighter and i am so thankful that god brought us together. i truly believe he had a special pla for you and me and our kids.

thank you for being my best friend, my lover, my equal, my confidante, my partner.

love you always!

monday night jill scott and maxwell performed at conseco fieldhouse. 

if you do not know their music, please, please, please go check it out! you will not be disappointed

 i did not know jill scott’s music so i wasn’t overly excited to see. however, that changed after seeing her!  she is INCREDIBLE! what a soulful, powerful voice.  even without knowing her music, i was wrapped up it in. she’s an amazing artist, performer, and her gift is truly a gift from above!

here’s a performance from the NAACP awards that picked up off of youtube. the song is called “hear my call”. when she sang it, she nearly cried and i had goosebumps the entire time. read a little bit of her history, and it tells why she has such an emotional connection to this song.

now, for maxwell, oh.em.gee! was i ever excited to see him!  he has been away from the music scene for the last 8 years.  he released his much anticipated return album BLACKsummers’ night, and will have 2 more albums released over the next couple of years.  there’s gonna be alot of maxwell in my future! :) 

i was introduced to maxwell in the late ’90s and instantly fell in love with his music. he has a sultry voice and amazing lyrics. much of his music is on his website, please click and enjoy :) 

and a couple (bad) pics from the show



this is how i’m feeling today :)

i find it amazing how some words can just smack you right in between the eyes.  i was reading mckmama’s  blog today and this entry did just that to me today.  it made my eyelashes moist with tears.  mckmama is so right in her assessment!

with the kid going back to school this past weekend after being home for 3 weeks, i miss him more than ever! there was no squabbling this time around (1st time ever, i think!) and every moment of his holiday break was such a joy. 

where will we be in 3 more years? i think of this often. once he graduates will he move away? he says he will. the thought of that makes me sad and happy at the same time. how is that even possible! feelings are so strange. i will be sad for my own selfish reasons of not being able to see him every day, give him a hug whenever i want too (even if he acts like he doesn’t want one :)).

but at the same time i will be so happy that he has the confidence to open his wings and experience something new! heck, he’s already a lot braver than i was at his age. i was too scared to go to college, let alone go to a college that was several hours away from home. i’ve never ventured far from home – the farthest being a 40 minute drive across town.

embrace your little ones, my friends, because they are grown and out of the house all too quickly.

this trace adkins song makes my heart ache every.single.time i hear it


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